Computer Hardware – The Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades

Everybody using a computer is seeking to get the quickest, and most effective computer full of the newest computer hardware technology. However, to keep up with the continual changes as technology grows increasingly more sophisticated requires complete updates on your computer. However, what would be the ideal computer updates out there?

Memory Update

A memory upgrade is just one of the most popular computer hardware updates and among the simplest to do to raise the performance of your computer. However, before you perform a memory upgrade first assess the BIOS operating system to ascertain how much memory is currently in your system.

Additionally, to update your memory it’ll be crucial that you start the event of your computer to discover how many modules are installed and the number of slots that remains vacant. If all of the slots are currently filled you might need to remove the modules and then replace them with bigger ones.

After figuring out the current memory scenario, review your operating system and application programs to ascertain how much memory is required to make your computer function at its peak level. Generally, these programs offer a minimal and recommended evaluation. So to achieve the fullest capacity of your computer, the memory must meet or surpass the suggested level.

Ok, so that you finally have some basic information to perform your memory update, but hold on a second, before running out and buying more memory, then check your computer manual or move right to the motherboard to learn which kind of memory will be supported by the present computer operating system. If you do not check out this you will almost certainly get the incorrect memory chips and also the memory update won’t work.

Also bear in mind if purchasing a memory upgrade module, so it is ideal to purchase the biggest quantity of memory using the least quantity of modules. In this manner, there’s room for expansion in the long run. By way of instance, rather than purchasing two 512MB modules, then buy one 1Gb module.

Video Card Upgrade

A video card update makes it feasible to perform all the fantastic games which are now on the market. In reality, many games are so advanced that they won’t play at all without an extremely powerful video card.

However, it may be tough picking the proper video card as there are literally dozens out there. It’s essential to first have a look at the motherboard to ascertain which sort of video cards are supported by the machine, you may even check your computer manual on the kinds of video cards that your system will support. The very best video cards are those which transfer information the quickest. In order from the fastest to slowest cards are PCI state, AGP 8x, AGP 4x, AGP 2x, AGP and PCI.

 Card Upgrade

Sound Card Update

The audio card boosts the noise made by the computer. This makes computer gaming more enjoyable, in addition to listening to music and viewing digital media.

To be able to set up a sound card, then you have to find an available ISA slot on the rear of your computer. These slots would be the longest outlets on the motherboard and also there could be additional cards installed in these sockets. There are two internal openings each one of the slots in the rear of this computer. Thus, eliminate the access plate in the back of the socket to fit the card. Be certain that the access plate on the audio card covers the gap made by eliminating the first access plate. However, make certain to gently insert the audio card using a slow back and forth motion, otherwise the audio card may be broken.

DVD Player/Burner Upgrade

With numerous digital movies becoming available, a lot of folks are seeking to upgrade to a DVD player and burner mix. The most powerful DVD player/burner now available is your DVD+R/RW. These do tend to, nevertheless, be incompatible with elderly DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. Nevertheless, the current big names in the business, such as Sony, HP, and Phillips, service players. DVD+R/RW drives are quicker than previous versions and therefore are capable of partitioning while trimming data to the disk.

Motherboard Upgrade

Now for those who are genuinely intent on updating their own computer hardware, motherboard updates are another popular alternative. However, of course, a motherboard update is easily the toughest update to perform and I certainly would not suggest it if you do not have a solid background in computers and electronic equipment. For all those who can afford it, but you will surely appreciate the freedom of not having to purchase a new computer. Rather, the motherboard can be upgraded as technology improvements.

Along with eliminating the need to purchase a new computer, a motherboard update also makes it a lot easier to update other components in your computer. This is because buying a motherboard ensures getting the most current technology, that is compatible with other updated parts.

Updating the motherboard, however, requires serious complex planning and studying of your computer manual. If you do not do so properly, your computer is going to be merely a massive paperweight. If completed properly, but the computer will stay on the leading edge of current technology.